Sunday, February 22, 2015

Find Your People

The work of art can be a solitary endeavor. So, it is not unusual for an artists to look for like minded people to share with, to try on ideas with, to broaden one's point of view. My roots were in the local quilt guild. I soon tired of the inefficiency of the meeting. Too much time spent on business, charity endeavors, meeting minutes, finance, the upcoming quilt show and insufficient time spent with a good speaker or a good show and tell.

I've participated in small quilt/art groups. Fun but often one in the group...

It is important to find your people.  My people are wrapped up in a group called MIX. Eight women who come together to share art, discuss art and their work, and let me present  my work. They offer ideas if asked. They provide useful commentary.

We challenge ourselves each year to produce work to a theme. These works of art are exhibited in a show of our own. Our challenge this year is to produce two works each, size 24w x 30h, of a hardscape and a softscape based on a visit to the Allison Inn and Spa in Newberg, OR. The show opens in April and so for now, we only show teasers. This is the script for one of mine.

Others can be seen on the MIX blog here.

Look for more in April.

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