Monday, January 13, 2014

What Am I Working On This Week

I love to sew...just about anything.
I love traditional quilts and fiber art.
It all make s me happy.

Generally, I work on two things at a time because for me, the most fun part is the design process. In the traditional quilt world, this often translates into color, value and cloth selection. In the fiber art world it is a ditto with the addition of original design, for me accomplished through sketch. When the design is completed, then the task of assembly takes place which is less than fun for me. Thus two things at a time: one in the assembly stage and one in the design stage.

I am assembling this quilt: Sintra Squares by Cynthia Young.

Sorry for the blurry picture. I will send a new one in an upright position when I get all the rows sewed together. This is made of some terrific batiks and best, I used up 5 entire pieces of fabulous fabric from my stash.

On the creative side, I am taking a class at Academy of Quilting from Elizabeth Barton. It's called Dyeing to Design. The first week we dyed a gradation of greys.

and then we were to design a simple quilt using them. We all know that color gets the credit but value does the work. Here is my start. I cheated a bit by introducing some grey with brown , rust and salmon tones. There is  reason. More to come...

What are you working on?