Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shine On You Crazy Poppies

This quilt just makes me happy. It has a story but don't they all. It started as a challenge from friends. One chose the floral fabric we were all to use. I chose this bargello, of sorts, type of quilt and paired the floral fabric with green grass fabrics. I wanted to convey a sense of a field of flowers and grasses. The solid bars gave it some interest and some starts and stops. The original piece had an uneven lower edge but I never liked the shape of the finished quilt. It also never really felt finished to me. It lacked a focal point and was not compelling enough to make anyone stop and look for a bit.

I cut the bottom uneven-ness off a few years ago. Not sure where it was going, it sat for a bit. Last winter it hit me as I watched those crazy poppies shine on in my winter back yard. Once added, it has made all the difference. Everyone who sees this quilt says the same thing...it makes them happy too.