Monday, July 29, 2013

On Target

A girl can only have so many quilts. But what to do when you love to make them? Over the years, I have made quilts for my sister and sister-in-laws. This one belongs to Chris. I like to choose the colors they like and this is all about Chris. She is fun and funny, has a great sense of humor, sees the light side, is generous with all. She's also a great puzzler and the geometric design of these blocks fits her Sudoku and other gamesmanship loves. This quilt pattern is named Bouillabaisse. I call it On Target.

It's scrappy which might lead one to believe that it should be simple, an anything goes type of quilt. Not so. Making the strip sets required thought and then forming the blocks required color wheel considerations. And finally combining the large blocks to spread the color required a sense of the overall quilt top. The layout was more tedious than it seems.

But that is the fun for me.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Friends with Benefits

A number of years ago, 10 women decided to make pin wheel quilts with polk-a-dot fabrics. The group gathered with everyone bringing their stash of dots. Ten unique dots were selected for each participant. We were to make 10 pinwheels from each fabric with the same ecru background. On sharing day, each gal handed off a packet of 10 pinwheels to the other gals in the group. We each then had 100 dotted pinwheels. Mine sat on the shelf for a few years until the time was right. That was 2013.

I played with the squares until I found something I liked. This is the result.

I rather like it and aptly named it Friends with Benefits.