Saturday, June 18, 2016


This artwork was begun some time ago. It was based on a novel, The God of Small Things, about fraternal twins growing up in India. They were born into an upper level caste. The boy should have thrived. The girl would have a harder time doing so. Because of life events, the opposite occurred.

I have symbolized the girl as a flower within the triangle which is rising. The boy is symbolized with a graphic from the flag of India but he is diminishing. I always loved the graphic look to this art work but felt it could be stronger. This year I approached it once again and added corded outlines to the outside of the triangles to further define the shapes and then added an extensive amount of quilting which adds a third dimension. I love it to bits now.

Enjoy it as well and do leave comments. I love the dialog!


Sylvia said...

I love the flow of the design! Well done!

ElaineM said...

Thanks, Sylvia.

I love this piece now as well.