Friday, February 5, 2016

When the Fairies Sing

This is where I started, a quilt from a pattern. I would like to give the designer credit but I am down south at the moment and do not know her name. (If you do, add it in the comments and I will post it here.) Her design was compelling enough for me to give it a go but I thought the value treatments on the pattern cover were not strong enough to see the design. And, I was determined to shape this quilt using blue and orange, my favorite colors but ones I have not worked with for awhile.  I did not think the pattern design ended at the best spot either. This first image shows the pattern as designed.

I carried on, continuing the white portion of the design to the edges and the coral portion is now a half diamond. I think this makes the pieces look more complete. When I added the final rows around the periphery, I had run out of the medium blue fabric. I found a solid blue of the same value and it works just fine. In fact I think it probably adds a bit of interest to the quilt.

My good friend Janet Fogg quilted this for me. Her work is stunning and makes this quilt.

Are you wondering how I named this quilt? When I was a child one of my favorite songs was "White Coral Bells". We would sing it in music class in four part harmony. The last line is "that will only happen when the fairies sing". It still makes me smile.

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