Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 3 Included Shibori Dyeing

I showed you these greens last week. There were actually 8 pieces, one light and one darker from each of the green mixes. I took the lightest of three and one other and used the shibori pole wrap process to dye the pieces on the right. I was to make a quilt using the shibori pieces but used both in my small piece.

This is the result. There are some trees on the golf course where I play that suffer from bad pruning. I fondly refer to them as the elbow trees. They were beautifully flowering wih pink blossoms at Christmas. I just new they were ladies and decided to bring them to positive life in some of my art.
This one is titled: That Girl...She Gives New Meaning to the Term Going Green

What do you think?

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